Steve Lazarides

In 2006, at the age of 37, Steve Lazarides, the Bristol born gallery owner and self-made entrepreneur, launched his first gallery on Greek Street in the heart of London’s Soho. From the very beginning, Lazarides exhibited artwork inspired by the urban environment including work by the anonymous artist Banksy. He has since expanded his gallery empire with three additional spaces − two in London and one in Newcastle.

One of the strongest advocates of ‘Outsider Art’ along with a keen eye for extreme talent, Lazarides represents some of the most innovative artists working today. In addition to the gallery’s permanent exhibition program, Lazarides has launched numerous shows at temporary spaces worldwide that increase the global reach of his gallery and associated artists. The success of these shows has generated a broad interest in ‘street art’− giving birth to the current movement.

“Contemporary art is about having a certain state of mind, not an age group or a wealth bracket or an art history degree. You are either open to new ideas as or you are not.”
– Steve Lazarides, The Times Online, 2009 –